No Gi Submission Grappling

No-Gi Grappling in Hewlett and Lake Ronkonkoma
No-Gi Grappling In Ronkonkoma, New York

Improve Your Grappling Skills

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Do you want to take your grappling skills to the next level? You should join a no-gi submission grappling session at Lock Down Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We offer no-gi grappling at our martial arts studios in Lake Ronkonkoma and Hewlett, NY. Instead of wearing a traditional gi, all you’ll have to wear is a T-shirt or rash guard and shorts.

You’ll get the chance to hone your skills while learning from experienced grappling coaches. Contact us today to learn more about our no-gi submission grappling classes.

No-Gi Grappling vs. Traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Sign up for a no-gi submission grappling session in Lake Ronkonkoma or Hewlett, NY

While no-gi and gi grappling both develop your Brazilian jiu-jitsu abilities, no-gi grappling offers unique benefits. You’ll appreciate that no-gi grappling…

  • Is faster than gi grappling
  • Includes more wrestling grips like collar ties and wrist grabs
  • Allows you to get better at grappling without relying on gi holds

Get in touch with us now if you have any questions for our no-gi grappling coaches.

Preparing for an MMA Competition?

Wrestling and grappling are some of the most important parts of mixed martial arts fighting. If you’re training for an MMA competition, you should take no-gi submission grappling classes to develop your wrestling skills before you step into the cage. The skilled and experienced coaches at our martial arts studios in Hewlett and Lake Ronkonkoma, NY can teach you everything they know to help you prepare for your next fight.

Even if you’re a skilled striker, you’ll need to have basic grappling skills for self-defense against wrestling-focused opponents. Call us today to improve your fitness and skills by signing up for a no-gi grappling class.

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