Lock Down Brazillian Jiu Jitsu in Lake Ronkonkoma Testimonials

Professor Joe is a great BJJ coach. A fearless competitor himself, he can work with you to help you become a great BJJ competitor. If getting in shape is your goal, he is a great motivator and will give you excellent advice on and off the mats. Most of all, you will have fun training BJJ with Professor Joe and his highly skilled students!

Andrew Orlando

I was looking to get into BJJ for a while and so glad I found a lockdown. The Professor Joe Thompson is awesome. He is well versed, and will routinely aim to improve your game every time your on the mat. Don't feel intimidated, this place has a great vibe and all the members want to see you learn and progress. As soon as I walked in on my first day I was welcomed and introduced to the owners Joe and Beth. They are a great team. I'm really enjoying my time thus far and kind of bummed I didn't come sooner. You will not be disappointed at Lockdown. Highly recommend this place. Very clean and adhering to all the guidelines to make it a fulfilling experience.

Jonathan Stuart

Beautiful academy, great group of guys, features all the respect and discipline of a traditional martial arts school with the modern techniques of the the greatest fighting style ever known to man. I haven't known Professor Thompson long but I've been around the BJJ and MMA community on Long Island for over a decade and Professor Thompson is as knowledgeable and as detail focused an instructor as I've ever come across. He is also honest and trust worthy, and one of the top students of all time great Master Soca. Tremendous place to learn whether you are a complete newbie or a grizzled veteran!!

Guy Marcello

I spent some time at Lockdown and had a really great time. The other people were really fun and welcoming and the facility is nice and clean. Joe, the instructor, is fantastic. He cares about the students deeply and teaches a great, well structured class. The is a great place wether it's your first class or you're a seasoned upper belt. Highly recommend!!

Dennis Reynolds

Great place to train! Feels like my home, great group of guys and girls to train with and a top of the line facility thats always clean. Professor Joe truly cares about his students and I'm very thankful to call Lockdown home. Whether you want to get in shape or learn how to fight, you will feel welcomed and have a great time training.

Nemesis Beast Gaming

Professor Joe Thompson is an Amazing Instructor. I look forward to every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class at LockDown. Been training for 1 year and have already won a gold medal at a competition. Did I mention I'm 50. I'm in the best shape of my life. Professor Joe pushes everyone to reach a persons full potential. My cholesterol has never been lower and I lost all my extra fat and lost 3 inches on my waist. The atmosphere at LockDown is electric. One of the most positive places I've ever been too and everyone is treated like family. Professor Joe is awesome training adults both men and women, teens, and kids.

Ken Braun

Prof. Joseph Thompson is one of the best instructors in BJJ. Not everyone who decides to practice BJJ is there for competing - although he can definitely coach effectively if that's what you're looking to do. He models what many instructors today in the latest academy to pop up fail to remember - thanks to the popularity of MMA - and that is BJJ is a Martial Art. He understands and emphasizes to his students what that encompasses, both off and on the mats. He's patient and will work with you a million times, if necessary, to ensure you are learning a particular technique correctly the first time around. The time and dedication he provides his students is truly selfless and if you decide to take part in Lockdown BJJ as your BJJ home base, you will not be disappointed; you'll be lucky to have him as your coach.

Angela Kraemer

Professor Joe and Lockdown BJJ are one of a kind. High level instruction, the absolute best way to stay in shape and some of the best peers around. Professor Joe took my interest in Jiu Jitsu and martial arts and turned it into a passion. i highly recommend coming down for a class and seeing this awesome school for yourself

Josh Boorum

I had a problem signing my 7yo son on line so we decided to just walk in. The instructer joe Thompson was a complete gentlemen he didn't hesitate to acomidate us. He put my son in the class then asked questions later.

A&C Towing

The real deal. They are good people. You become more then just clients here because professor Joe is invested in all his students. He's a respected competitor, and an excellent teacher.


Just did a drop in, my wife and i. While on vacation. Excellent class. Excellent group of students. Excellent excellent instruction. Pleasure to roll at lockdown bjj. We will be back next visit to longisland. Oss!

Daniel D'Agostino

What I believe that separates Professor Thompson out from other instructors that I have encountered is his dedication to all of his students. He not only gives the same amount of dedication to his high ranks and the people who compete, he gives this same level of attentiveness to any student who gets down on the mat that day.

Patrick McCauley



Friendly, competitive environment where everyone of any age or background can come train with a seasoned instructor.

Luis Diaz

My son attends school here and absolutely loves it. Best place around!!

d oneill