I started training Jiu-Jitsu at age 49. Professor Thompson has pushed me past my age limits and I'm in the best shape of my life. I've also won several medals competing!!

Ken Braun

52 years young

"Professor Joe is the Best BJJ instructor on Long Island"

Matthew Stallone

"I love my Lockdown Family!!!!!"

Jess Napolitano

Professor Joe Thompson has inspired me to continue the Jiu Jitsu journey! He was awarded his black belt by a true BJJ legend, Alexandre Soca. Master Soca and Professor Joe both are still competing at the highest level, so you will get nothing but the best technique, whether you are training for competition, self defense, weight-loss/fitness, or just trying something new, this is the environment to achieve whatever goal you seek.

Jimmy Malatos

Joe Thompson is an amazing person, great role model, and excellent instructor. He has helped me a ton in my Brazilian jiu-jitsu journey. Soo unbelievably motivated and reliable. He has always welcomed everyone with open arms, and will go out of his way to help. No doubt this school is going to be the best in the area to train and learn. Stop in for a class, you won't regret it.

Nicolas Galluccio

What I believe that separates Professor Thompson out from other instructors that I have encountered is his dedication to all of his students. He not only gives the same amount of dedication to his high ranks and the people who compete, he gives this same level of attentiveness to any student who gets down on the mat that day.

Patrick McCauley

Great family environment! Both my boys 7 and 6 absolutely love it and cannot wait to go to class. Professor Joe and his coaches are really great with keeping the kids focused.

Adam Saylor

Professor Joe is an awesome Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor. He makes sure he guides his students for success on the mat within the art, and off the mat with life. He doesn't just teach BJJ, he teaches patience and respect. Makes sure everyone in class grasps the understanding of the moves and techniques and explains them extremely thoroughly. The most dedicated man I know & I'm proud to say I train under Professor Joe Thompson!

Jess Napolitano

Professor Thompson is a very knowledgeable, patient and detail oriented instructor. The students at Lockdown are very nice and easy going, making classes enjoyable. The academy is very well maintained and kept clean. Lockdown BJJ has a very family oriented atmosphere and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Dan Castillo

Professor Joseph Thompson is an amazing instructor. He exemplifies loyalty to the art, his students and his lineage on a daily basis. He brings great knowledge to the mat space as well as some good humor.

Tom Digirolamo

Professor Joe is an awesome BJJ coach, motivator, and will not only teach you proper Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques but get you in the best shape of your life. His dedication to his students is second to none.

Ken Braun