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Brazilian jiu-jitsu is founded on the concept that a smaller person can subdue a larger opponent by using grappling and ground fighting to their advantage. Learn how to leverage your center of gravity and natural strength to neutralize threats quickly and efficiently at Lock Down Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Classes are designed for any skill, fitness level or age. All are welcome. Uncover the hidden power and grace you possess with the help of our master teachers. We offer multiple training programs to take you through the stages of jiu-jitsu fighting.

Our system is as follows:

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Fundamentals Program White – Blue Belt

The Blue Belt Program is the first level for adults (over the age of 15) beginning their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. Students will learn the fundamentals of BJJ and basic techniques. Class structure is formed around a warm-up, a lesson in technique and partner training to practice the technique from the lesson.

Advanced Program Blue Belt and Above

The Advanced Curriculum is primarily focused on sports BJJ with the Gi and No-Gi Classes. If the student would like to train self-defense they may come to the fundamentals classes as well until the level of Blue belt is attained.

No matter the skill level or fitness you bring to our jiu-jitsu gym, we have programs to encourage growth at your individual pace. Join one of our jiu-jitsu classes today to take the first step towards a happier and healthier life.



MMA Strike training

Do you want to learn the art of striking for self-defense? MMA training is a fantastic way to learn how to defend yourself and get in shape. Discover your inner power with MMA classes at Lock Down Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY.

Our non-contact classes are designed for all skills and ages to learn effective striking techniques. Our MMA classes are taught by experienced Muay Thai/kickboxers and MMA fighters. Whether you’re a true beginner or an experienced fighter, learn the mechanics and principles of powerful and accurate striking. Our MMA classes focus on specific striking skills and mechanics.

Train with us to learn the fundamentals for:

  • Proper kicking and punching mechanics

  • Setting up striking angles

  • Punching drills

  • Kicking drills

  • Combination

  • Throwing knees and elbows

After going through a few sessions of our punching and kicking drills, you’ll be surprised to find a huge amount of stored energy potential. Strike with force and speed. Contact us today to learn more about our MMA classes. This program is taught by experienced Mauy Thai/ Kickboxers and MMA Fighters and is geared towards effective kickboxing for a pure beginner to an aspiring MMA fighter.

This is a NON CONTACT class, again this is designed to work the mechanics and principles of striking. Sparring and Competition training classes for competitors will also be available.



man punching in black and white GI

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus our way of life and the way we do everyday activities has changed. It is no different with the Martial Arts, we need to adjust to what some may say is the new normal, and due to that we need to provide new options.

We respect the rights of people’s feelings on this subject, and there are many views and feelings out there right now. Some people will want to jump right back into the way things were, some may do it gradually; others may never be comfortable with going back to the norm. In the past lots of people would come view a class and they would look at it as rolling on the ground with someone sweating on me is disgusting, and not for them. One of the things we discovered during this stressful time though was ways to do things a little differently but yet be effective in learning the art form and giving an unbelievable workout.

While providing the virtual classes we learned that the bag drill portion of it was very well received, gave a great cardio workout as well as an unreal core routine. Now you have options, if rolling around on the mat is not for you but you want a challenging workout that will exhaust every muscle group and put you in the best physical shape of your life, these non contact classes are just the thing. Each workout is designed to attack a different body group and can be done by all men and women of all ages. 



Our kids martial art classes integrate physical education and self-defense techniques. Children ages four and up can build conditioning while playing games aimed at improving coordination, motor skills, agility and flexibility. Lock Down Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is devoted to instilling valuable life, health and fitness lessons to the children in our community. Our kids MMA classes are designed to help children of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY grow into confident and well-rounded young adults.

We think you’ll agree that the BJJ environment is a great place to raise a child! Our 4-6 year old classes are called the Babybolos, and our 7-12 classes are the Lil Lions. Our program helps young students develop important character traits and values.

They will learn:

  • Respect

  • Self-discipline

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork

Our students gain confidence while learning jiu-jitsu techniques and the principles behind this beautiful martial art. Students excel in academics, are confident socially and are empowered both at home and in school. Kids ages 5-14 yrs old will learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a safe fun environment. The kids Program integrates physical education and self-defense technique with conditioning and skill-building games aimed at improving coordination, motor skills, agility and flexibility.

Our program helps young students develop important character traits and values. They will learn respect, self-discipline, integrity, teamwork, and gain confidence all while learning BJJ techniques and the principles behind this beautiful martial art. Our students excel in academics, are confident socially and are empowered both at home and in school. Kids will learn this in a family and friendship based environment.



woman boxing outside

So even though this COVID pandemic has caused so much disruption to our everyday lives and has changed the way we will forever do business in this industry, there were some things that were discovered during this time. One of the things that we became aware of due to the necessity of having to keep our students engaged, interested and in physical condition during the quarantine, was that virtual classes CAN be effective. 

You will get the argument that in the martial arts realm you need to have physical contact or an instructor in front of you to really learn. You’ll hear it’s not the same, or I don’t have the space, I need someone present to push me…well the virtual option DOES supply all of that and despite what some may think the conditioning piece of the work out and the repetitiveness of the moves on the bag will actually sharpen your game and increase your cardio-shape. It will be one of the best workouts you ever get. Plus the old saying is true “DRILL TO BUILD SKILL”.

Another great option from this is time, what we also learned was some people had time constraints and driving to any academy was not a great option to them, or maybe they felt uncomfortable in the gym environment, or they still had fears about being near people even with social distancing or non-contact drills in place. We acknowledge and respect all of those feelings and think that the Virtual Classes provide an alternate solution to the problem and are still very effective.

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