Use MMA Training to Strike With Power and Accuracy

Find MMA classes in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
a short drive from Smithtown and Brentwood, NY

Do you want to learn the art of striking for self-defense? MMA training is a fantastic way to learn how to defend yourself and get in shape. Discover your inner power with MMA classes at Lock Down Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY.

Our non-contact classes are designed for all skills and ages to learn effective striking techniques. Our MMA classes are taught by experienced Muay Thai/kickboxers and MMA fighters. Whether you're a true beginner or an experienced fighter, learn the mechanics and principles of powerful and accurate striking.

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Build a solid base using proper fundamentals

Our MMA classes focus on specific striking skills and mechanics. Train with us to learn the fundamentals for:

  • Proper kicking and punching mechanics
  • Setting up striking angles
  • Combinations
  • Throwing knees and elbows

After going through a few sessions of our punching and kicking drills, you'll be surprised to find a huge amount of stored energy potential. Strike with force and speed. Contact us today to learn more about our MMA classes.



Designed for students who want to learn striking (kicking and punching) for:
•Self defense
•Mixed Martial Arts
•Get in shape

Program is taught experienced Mauy Thai/ Kickboxers and MMA Fighters and is geared towards effective kickboxing for pure beginner to an aspiring MMA fighter.

Classes focus on:
•Proper kicking and punching mechanics
•Setting up striking angles
•Punching drills
•Kicking drills
•Throwing Knees and Elbows

This is a NON CONTACT class, again this is designed to work the mechanics and principals of striking. Sparring and Competition training classes for competitors will also be available.